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Grid Iron Dreams

As my sons first season of football goes into full swing to say im excited would be an understatement. I loved football growing up. There is something that is just different when it comes to football compared to other sports. Its going into battle with friends and you push yourself in ways you never though you could. All the blood, sweat and tears were worth it when you got out on the field on a Saturday morning at 8am. Putting that hemet on and getting to hit someone as hard as you can. It’s the only time you didn’t get in trouble for hitting someone.

Seeing it now compared to when I played it definitely has changed. They have apps for it now! You can follow the game when you arent there (not that id miss one). They have home and away jereseys and pants. Practicing 4 days a week. Its no joke.

But today…Today is the first day with all pads. The first time my son gets out there and has to hit, tackle and run people over. He seems less than excited. His mom put all this stuff in his head about how dangerous it is and how he can get hurt and I think it got to him. As some of you read in one of my last posts it was a battle to get him on the field. His mom was so against it. She even had the nerve to say to me “I just think that he will get hit hard and not get up and want to quit”. First off who has that mindset about their own kid? Basically saying I know my kid is a quitter and I don’t have faith in him to work through the struggles and succeed. I will always have faith in my son. People say you shouldn’t tell your kid they can do anything they want in life. That it can give them a false sense of hope in this world because it doesn’t always work that way. You know what I have to say to that? Fuck that! Dream big little man. Because I will show you that you can. Hard work and perserverance pay off and will get you far in life and being a coachable kid who doesn’t quit is a great starting point for life. I think maybe his mom got in my head a little bit though.

Not for the same reasons though. Im nervous she got in his head too much and that he is thinking he will now. He joined a team that won the championship last year and when I told him that he goes “and im just going to mess it up”. Ive never been more angry. I told him that statement was bullshit and that he can help this team. He is an athlete, he works hard, hes eager to learn and when his mom told him he couldn’t play he didn’t give up and pushed for what he wanted. He already has a love for this sport because he hadnt done that before. I told him to get those thoughts out of his head and have faith in himself and his abilities. Because thoughts like that are poison to you. You always believe in yourself even when no one else will and that I will always believe in him and be in his corner so he will always have that.

So as you can see he already has a seed of doubt in his head. What scares me about it then you ask? Well thanks for asking. I think this is a huge moment in his life. His chance to clear his head, get out of his own head and surpass his fears. To prove to himself he will not quit and to work hard for what he wants. If he quits now it can be a slippery slope. I do not want that for him. I made sure he knew when this all started quitting wasn’t an option. That he made a commitment to this team and he has a responsibility. I honestly would love for him to play football through high school but if he doesn’t like it I get that. But he has to get through this season. Not just for his team but for himself. This is a turning point for him. When we talk about hitting tonight I can see the fear and the doubt in his eyes. That is what scares me. He needs to do this! I have all the faith in the world in my son and I want him to see it for himself. To know that he can do anything he puts his mind to and that dispite what scares you, you can push through it and perservere.

So tonight it begins. A new chapter in his life. He goes from a boy to a young man. Too much pressure for an 8 year old? Youre wrong. My son will not be entitled and soft. He is better than that and I see greatness in him. I love him and I will always push him to be his best self.



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