I have a busy life right now. I am working full time, planning a wedding with my fiancé, I have my 8 year old son who I have half the time. He is now starting youth football and about to go into 3rd grade. Oh his mom shes a hoot. That’s sarcasm. Needless to say this probably is the best time to start a blog. With all the meetings and games and our crazy ass dog, it’s pretty damn funny.

I figure why not jot it all down for memories and if other people read it, make them laugh and smile. Nobody’s life is perfect. Mine sure isn’t. But that’s what makes life fun, funny, and amazing. I love my life. Yeah I could have more money, a big house. Although, I have a roof over my head and the people I love close to me.

Im what people would call honest. It’s the best recipe. Some would say asshole at times. I’m ok with that. Sometimes people need to be called out on their shit. Or taught to say thank you…even strangers. Being that way makes for some great stories. I’ll even tell you…you’re welcome!

So welcome to my life. It’s gonna be fun